Operation­alizing Healthcare Product and Service Warranties

KlearTrust engages life science companies, payers, and providers with the only comprehensive, independent, digital solution to operationalize even the most complex value-based agreements. From contract and program design to real-time clinical performance monitoring and stakeholder alerts to risk mitigation and underwriting, KlearTrust is the trusted platform for healthcare product and service warranties.

Maximize Differentiation for Market Performance

KlearTrust designs and operationalizes customized warranty solutions that reinforce the value proposition of products and therapies, leveraging their distinctive benefits for optimal market performance. Risk bearing outcome-based agreements enhance payer and provider confidence in the performance and value of covered products. This increased confidence translates into improved market access, accelerated adoption, and enhanced patient outcomes.

Mitigate Risk, Increase Alignment and Data Sharing

The KlearTrust contract design framework addresses clinical, legal, regulatory, and financial risk considerations. Our actuarial and simulation models and services inform contract design, limiting risk of unintended or unanticipated legal or financial consequences. Sophisticated contracts ensure that healthcare products and services are utilized appropriately and foster collaboration and data sharing. KlearTrust transforms that data to active intelligence, making valuable real world evidence available to inform market access, HEOR, sales, and patient services activities.

Enabling Warranties Without the Overhead

Program Design

KlearTrust offers a comprehensive range of services to design healthcare product and service warranty programs tailored to our customers' products, markets and strategies.

We bring years of experience and expertise to the table, as well as tools and data we use to model, simulate, and analyze alternative contract designs. Supported by our exceptional legal and regulatory team, we work to construct state of the art contracts that leverage the latest strategies and ensure compliance.

The KlearTrust platform allows the design of much more sophisticated, complex contracts than were previously possible. It supports standardized, reliable metrics that accurately measure and assess outcomes, fostering trust and transparency among stakeholders. Its fully automated, real-time capabilities enable proactive management and eliminate reliance on retrospective analysis.

Contract Lifecycle Management

KlearTrust allows customers to configure, negotiate, and execute agreements among all stakeholders. We automate contract terms to enable a seamless and efficient digital signature process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork.

Our state-of-the-art digital signature process interfaces directly to the KlearTrust platform, driving program operations in real time and ensuring efficient, compliant participation of all parties.

We even support obtaining patient consent to access their data when required, ensuring you remain compliant with regulations.

Patient Operations

As care is provided under warranty programs, KlearTrust works to assure the performance of the program. We obtain claims and clinical data from payer and provider data sources, both in batch and real-time.

We track patient state in real-time, from both clinical and financial risk perspectives, allowing us to proactively identify and mitigate any potential issues.

Our real-time notifications allow us to orchestrate activities seamlessly, and our live, real-time analytics support patient and program management, allowing us to continuously monitor and optimize your program's performance.

Harnessing technology

Data Acquisition

KlearTrust leverages current technologies and healthcare standards to ingest data from any relevant source.

Real-time Adjudication

We process data in real-time and leverage a configurable rules engine to create timely insights and continuous risk assessment.


We provide a platform and tooling to ensure all parties receive relevant notifications and can stay coordinated throughout the patient’s therapy.

The only real-time digital solution, setting a high bar for what's possible in healthcare warranties.

  • Operationalize complexity. Deploy and manage even the most complex value-based arrangements, eliminating barriers to your volume-to-value transformation.
  • Real-time adjudication. Health economic and clinical endpoints are defined, configured, and continuously computed for continuous active intelligence, closing the gap between analysis and action.
  • Data driven results. Virtual data circuits that exchange data and communications with all stakeholders…without interrupting existing workflows…using industry interoperability standards.
  • Risk management. A contract design framework that includes clinical, legal, regulatory, and financial risk considerations, incorporating reinsurance solutions for risk mitigation, financial flexibility, and regulatory compliance.

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